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The Wedding of Christy and Tyson at Lake Oak Meadows

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

It was a gloomy and rainy day in Temecula as we began coverage of Christy and Tyson's big day. We were quite concerned on whether or not everything had to be moved to a small indoor area due to the rain and this would of been a bummer because the outside scenery is absolutely beautiful. From the natural vineyard to the cobblestone walls and walkways, everything made it seem like a wedding straight out of a fairy tail.

Despite the weather, Christy and Tyson always maintained a happy smile and a positive attitude and this made it such a blast to work with them. They are truly an amazing couple with a bubbly personality that makes you want to laugh and smile whenever you're around them. Now, lets talk about their color theme and decoration for the wedding. They had soft pastel color tones and a Boho style and decor that perfectly compliments the colors of the venue. I really love venues in Temecula for all of its beautiful vineyards that make for perfect wedding backdrops and Lake Oak Meadows is no exception!

Their love story is truly a unique and inspiring one. Tyson was involved in an unfortunate dirt biking accident where he injured his spinal cord. Doctors told him that he might never walk again. Despite this adversity, he was able to overcome all the challenges that awaited him on the road to walking along. Fast forward to the day of their wedding and here he is, walking down the aisle with his beloved wife.

It's almost as if the universe had a plan for Christy and Tyson because just before their grand entrance, the sky cleared to reveal a beautiful rainbow. This is what dreams are made of! They literally danced under the rainbow, signifying the start of their beautiful lifelong journey together.

Seeing these happily ever afters and the pure happiness of everyone really makes me love my job. There's nothing better than capturing someones happiest moments. To Christy and Tyson, for the short time I've known you, you've shown me nothing but kindness and joy. This truly reflects you guys as a couple. It was such an honor covering your beautiful wedding and I will cherish your beautiful love story for many years to come.

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Jul 16, 2020


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