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Photography is more than simply taking photos. It's an art form. It should make you feel something, whether that feeling is nostalgia, love, or happiness. I'm constantly searching for the "perfect photo" even though it does not exist. That constant search for perfection is what drives me to become better with every session.

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Andy & Thao

at Marriot in Anaheim

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Bri and Ali

in Orange

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Alvin and Felicia

at Joshua Tree and San Juan


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Hannah & Craig

at Red Bird In LA 

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Cecilia & Chris

at Girracci Vineyards

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Albert and Phoebe

in Iceland

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Jacob & Cathy

at Victoria Beach

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Aurelia & Joel

at Lambs Fellowship

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Jesse & Jennifer

in Santa Barbara

Jessica & Vincent

at Lake Oak Meadows

Andy & Thao

at El Matador State Beach

Justin & Ellie

at Jeffrey Road Trail

Tony & Madison

at Laguna Niguel

Christy & Tyson

at San Juan Capistrano

Mark & Bertina

at Victoria Beach

Amy & Stefan

at Hyatt Huntington Beach

Aschlyee + Tshepo

at The Occasions in Laguna

Christy & Tyson

at Lake Oak Meadows

Armina & Gelemi

at Victoria Beach