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Holly & Victor's Magical Wedding at Mizel Estate Vineyard


Located in the heart of Malibu’s rolling hills, Holly and Victor’s wedding day unfolded like a page from a fairy tale. The Mizel Estate Vineyard, with its sprawling vistas and lush vineyards, provided the perfect backdrop for their love story . Let’s embark on a journey through their magical day, chapter by chapter.

Wedding flat lay photo for wedding at Mizel Estate Vineyard shot by Alvis Pham Photography, Orange County California Wedding Photographer

The Pre-Wedding Details

Flat lays are indeed a wonderful way to capture the intricate details of your wedding day, and this photo is no exception. With each element carefully placed, this image tells a story of love and elegance. The invitation at the center, accompanied by gorgeous flowers, the bride's perfume, and of course their wedding rings, set the tone for Holly & Victor’s special day. As a wedding photographer, I LOVE getting creative with my flat lay designs! These detailed compositions are a wonderful peep into the day's special color schemes and overall theme. I absolutely love how this flat lay photo turned out, but wait until you see the rest of this dreamy wedding gallery! SPOILER: the florals are quite perfect, my jaw is still on the floor... 📷💐✨

The Bride's Pre-Ceremony Glow

As the morning sun peeked through the curtains, Holly’s bridal suite was glowing with warmth and excitement. In this golden hour of anticipation, our radiant bride was a vision of bridal grace. The soft light made her glow in her lace-adorned gown, highlighting the delicate floral patterns. Her bridesmaids, in their light blue dresses, smile and share some laughs as they add help with the final touches. This is the moment before the moment, where every second is savored, every detail perfected. As a wedding photographer, it’s my honor to freeze this fleeting beauty in time, capturing the essence of the bride’s journey before stepping into a beautiful forever. ♾️

The Vows Among the Vineyard: A Mizel Estate Ceremony

Nestled among the rolling hills and lush vineyards, Mizel Estate Vineyard offers a ceremony backdrop that is nothing short of magical. As a wedding photographer, I am mesmerized by the harmony of nature and elegance here. The rows of pristine white chairs, the colorful floral arch by City Flower & Events, and the clear open sky above set the stage for a truly fairytale like “I do.” 💍

Beneath the soft glow of the afternoon sun, the wedding ceremony felt like a dream etched into reality. The floral archway beautifully frames the couple as they exchange their heartfelt vows and kiss for the first time as husband and wife. And as they seal their promises with a kiss, I click the shutter, preserving the magic of their union for all of eternity. Just as I didn't think it could get any dreamier, it does with confetti and rose petals everywhere as they walk hand in hand down the aisle. Such a beautiful ceremony for a beautiful love. 💕

The Wedding Party Portraits

With the vibrant greens of the vineyard as the backdrop, the wedding party comes together after the ceremony with joy and of course, to take some epic group photos. The bridesmaids, draped in hues of serene blue, complement the bride’s radiant white dress. The groomsmen stand beside the groom, dapper in their suits. Everything about these photos, from the incredible landscape to the big smiles is perfect. If you liked these photos, you will love what is next! ✨

The Romantic Newlywed Portraits

Before joining the reception, Holly and Victor had some special time together for romantic newly wed portraits while exploring the vineyard. There's truly nothing like that just married feeling! I love how you can feel the love Holly and Victor have for each other just by looking at these photos. I feel so lucky to be the one to capture all their special wedding memories. Plus, every corner of Mizel Estate is stunning, taking photos was so much fun! 🤩

The Wedding Reception Decor

As evening approached, the Mizel Estate Vineyard transformed into a dreamy outdoor setting for Holly & Victor's wedding reception. The tables, set with candles and gorgeous floral arrangements looked like they came straight from a fairytale. This reception was not just a celebration, but a gathering of stories, a collection of lifelong moments, and a tapestry of beautiful memories. ✨

The night came alive with upbeat music and lively dancing, as Holly and Victor led their guests onto the dance floor. In this picturesque setting, every photograph captures the essence of their pure love and the timeless beauty of nature—a perfect harmony that makes Mizel Estate an unforgettable backdrop for the start of a lifelong journey together. Laughter and cheers filled the air all night long, with each song inviting another memory to be made. From the bridesmaids' special dance to the romantic first dance as newly weds, it was a wonderful night. The joy was absolutely contagious. What a spectacular celebration of love! 💖

A Shout Out to the Vendor Team!

A wedding is certainly difficult to be successful without the teamwork of great vendors. This wedding celebration at Mizel Estate Vineyard was a true dream come true. From the gorgeous venue to the stunning florals, awesome music, everything was perfect! I love getting to work with other awesome vendors and meeting new friends in the wedding industry. Below is the amazing vendors that helped make Holly and Victor's wedding dreams come to life:

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