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Charming Rustic Wedding at The 1909


An Unforgettable Day: Eli & Shelby's Dream Wedding at The 1909

The 1909 is a charming wedding venue located in the serene Topanga Canyon. This unique location offers a harmonious atmosphere for both ceremonies and receptions with its the natural beauty of California Oak trees and the gentle sounds of Topanga Creek. With its rustic appeal, romance, and timeless elegance, The 1909 is an ideal spot for creating unforgettable memories. Let's dive into the special moments at Eli & Shelby's beautiful wedding!

The Getting Ready

The sun peeked over the rugged Topanga Canyon hills, casting a warm glow in the rustic wooden cabins at The 1909. Shelby, radiant in her unique floral wedding dress, was beaming with joy. The gown seemed to bloom around her. Her bridesmaids each wore a different colorful dress, like a living bouquet. From coral to magenta, they embodied the vibrant hues of love.

Meanwhile, Eli, dapper in his tailored light green suit, shared a toast with his groomsmen. They were a lively bunch—old friends, brothers, and cousins. You can see their close camaraderie as they adjusted each others' bowties and made inside jokes. What a great group of guys! I love their green suit color scheme!

The First Look

As the clock ticked closer to noon, Eli and Shelby shared an intimate moment for their first look reveal. The ancient oak tree near the ceremony site was where their secret rendezvous was. Eli turned, and there she was—his bride, his heart. Shelby’s eyes sparkled like the Pacific Ocean, and Eli’s breath was taken away. It was such a beautiful moment that set the tone for a romantic celebration!

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The Photoshoot: Nature as Our Canvas

The 1909’s majestic trees and vivid greenery provide a stunning canvas for the most dreamy wedding photos. We wandered through the sun-dappled meadows, capturing stolen kisses against the bright orange photobooth van. Shelby’s bouquet, a burst of bright peonies and succulents, added stunning color against the canyon’s green palette. Eli dipped and kissed Shelby; the wedding party also joined us, twirling in their mismatched dresses and dapper suits. Everything was perfect!

The Wedding Ceremony: Beneath the Ancient Oak

Guests gathered on the wooden deck under the ancient oak for the beautiful ceremony. Heartfelt vows were exchanged under the chuppah. "Mazel tov!" was cheered loudly as Eli stepped on the glass. The crowd erupted, showering them with love and cheers. Eli and Shelby walked hand in hand back down the aisle, their joy contagious. The 1909 is such a special place to seal your forever! After a wonderful wedding ceremony, we captured even more romantic portraits because well why not?! I am still so obsessed with how each photo from this special day has turned out.

The Wedding Reception

Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, it does! The wedding reception was just as beautiful as the rest of this memorable wedding celebration. The colorful flowers, the awesome photobooth van, the special speeches, the delicious food, the joyful dancing, everything was like a dream come true. Peep the fun motion blur in the dance photos at the end!