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The Enchanting Wedding of Brian & Jennifer at Los Coyotes Country Club


Welcome to a visual journey through the enchanting wedding of Brian and Jennifer, set against the picturesque backdrop of Los Coyotes Country Club. This blog post is a celebration of their beautiful love and I am so happy to share some of my favorite photos captured from this stunning day. Thank you to Jennifer and Brian for allowing me to document the essence of your special day through the lens of my camera. From the intimate moments of the first look to the epic reception, join us as we unveil the story of two hearts becoming one in a setting as stunning as their love.

Getting Ready: Bride Edition

The morning sun peeked through the grand windows of the Los Coyotes Country Club adding a warm glow over the excited buzz of getting ready. Jennifer, surrounded by her closest friends, was glowing with happiness. Her gown, a masterpiece of lace and delicate beading, hung beautifully in the soft light of the against the sunlit glass door. Not to mention, I am loving the matching bridal party robes! Pure love and joy filled the rooms as the bridal party prepared for the big day ahead.

Getting Ready: Groom Edition

Brian, with his best buds, were pumped up as they prepared for this special day. Of course, a mix of nerves and excitement as ties were straightened, cuff links secured, and jackets buttoned. I can confirm this group of groomsmen is as cool as they look. Nothing better than getting ready with your best friends! Cheers to love and friendship!

The Wedding Day Details

Flat lays might be one of my favorite ways to get creative with wedding photography. They are a wonderful way to include items you might not normally capture photos of, like your invitations or important heirloom items. It is also a stunning way to set the tone for your wedding gallery. Think of flat lays as a snapshot of your wedding—summarizing your special day by showcasing everything from your overall look to your perfume/cologne. The small details can easily be overlooked, but they are definitely an important piece of your love story. Check out this blog from Wedding Wire for more on wedding flat lays!

The First Look

The first look was an intimate and beautiful moment, a shared breath of joy before the whirlwind of the day. I truly love capturing first look memories because you can always feel all the love and joy. Read this blog if you need help deciding if a first look is right for your wedding!

The First Look: A Modern Wedding Tradition - Pros & Cons

Check out the pros & cons of the first look at your Wedding! From calming nerves to capturing intimate moments, make an informed decision.

Wedding Ceremony 

Under a canopy of blooming red and pink flowers, Brian and Jennifer exchanged heartfelt vows in an intimate ceremony. The timeless beauty of the surroundings plus the love from their friends and family made for the perfect afternoon. Plus, the gentle sounds of nature provided a peaceful soundtrack as they promised forever to each other.

A Wedding Ceremony Guide: Top Tips, Trends, and Traditions

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Wedding ceremony at Los Coyotes Country Club in Buena Park, California taken by Alvis Pham Photography, SoCal Photographer in Orange County

It's Official!

It was a joy capturing all the smiles, the ring exchange, and of course, the kiss that made their union official. PRO TIP: The more kisses the better! Stop halfway down the aisle as you exit the ceremony for a kiss and another at the end of the aisle. You will not regret embracing in more love and your guests will certainly love it. Not to mention, more opportunities for stunning photos.

Wedding Party Portraits

The wedding party, a vibrant tapestry of the couple’s life, had a fun time posing together for a mini photoshoot. The joy was contagious as they posed, laughed, and celebrated the union of their dear friends. I cam convinced they are professional models in their free time -- they all look amazing! My personal favorite was getting to be creative with motion blur! (Check out the middle photo)

Newlywed Portraits

The newlyweds then had some alone time together for a romantic photoshoot, their first as husband and wife! I love how you can feel their love for each other in these photos. They are the absolute cutest!

The Reception 

As night fell, the reception hall came alive with beautiful vivid red floral designs, moody lights, and an unforgettable lion dance. I loved all the details, from the floral arch to the seating chart and center pieces. The perfect set up for the perfect wedding reception!

A Wedding Reception Guide: Top Tips, Trends, and Traditions

Lion Dance Performance

Some fun facts about lion dances! A Chinese lion dance is performed at weddings to bless the couple with a long and happy marriage. Lions symbolize wisdom, prosperity, and good luck! The lion dance not only brings blessings to the newlywed couple, but also for their uniting families, and friends watching. Lion dances are definitely an unforgettable way to have some fun and entertain your guests. Everyone (including me!) is always delighted and enthusiastic to watch this epic performance. Check out the lion dancers' YouTube HERE!

An Epic Night

Jennifer and Brian were beaming with happiness the moment they strutted in for their EPIC grand entrance. They literally made it rain with the coolest toy money gun! Talk about a grand entrance! The perfect way to get the wedding celebration started. The lion dance, the toasts, the decor, everything was enchanting. Not to mention, their sparkling exit was a stunning way to end the special day.

Thank You for Reading!

It was great pleasure and true honor to capture Brian and Jennifer's fun-filled Wedding day. Our team had such an amazing time capturing their wedding memories at Los Coyotes Country Club in Buena Park, California. I am obsessed with how stunning their wedding photo gallery turned out and will forever cherish this unforgettable celebration. Jennifer and Brian are a lovely couple and amazing people -- I wish them all the best in their future together! I hope you enjoyed some of my favorite pictures from their special day. Thank you so much for reading!

And of course, a huge thank you to Jennifer & Brian for trusting me to document your beautiful wedding memories.

Shout Out to the Fellow Vendors

A wedding day is certainly difficult to be successful without the teamwork of great vendors. This wedding celebration at Los Coyotes Country Club was a true dream come to life. From the gorgeous venue to the stunning florals, fun lion dance performance, and yummy baked goods, everything was perfect! I love getting to work with such awesome vendors and meeting new friends in the wedding industry. Below is the amazing vendors that helped make Brian and Jennifer's wedding dreams come true:

Caterer | @furiwa

Wedding Coordinator | @melliebeeevents

Hair + MUA | @luonglastingteam

DJ/ MC| @949studio

Photo + Video | @alvisphamphotography

Photo Booth | @stpphotobooth

Lion Dancers | @dmlhd


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