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Best Engagement Photo Locations in SoCal

Updated: Feb 8

Need beautiful locations in Southern California for your next photo shoot? SoCal has some of the best variety of picturesque locations. From the sandy beaches of Laguna to Los Angeles' architectural splendor to the fairy tale like forests and parks, Southern California has it all! We'll go into some of the best and secret hidden photo spots that only the most experienced photographers and locals know!

Victoria Beach, Laguna

Victoria Beach in Laguna is a hidden gem that has breathtaking views and endless opportunities for stunning photos.

  • Iconic Tower: This picturesque tower is what this location is famous for. The iconic tower, commonly known as the "Pirate Tower", is a great backdrop for any photo shoot!

  • Cliffside Views: At the top of the cliffs at Victoria Beach, you'll be treated to incredible scenic views of the ocean! BONUS TIP: The colors are especially beautiful during golden hour.

  • Crowded During Peak Seasons: As one of the most beautiful photo locations in SoCal, Victoria Beach can get quite busy, especially on the weekends and during summer months.

  • Limited Parking: Finding parking near Victoria Beach can be a challenge, as the area has limited spaces and is often crowded. My tip would be to park along PCH, then walk down through the neighborhood streets to get to the staircase entrance.

  • Unpredictable Tide Levels: While the tide pools at Victoria Beach are certainly one of the highlights, it is very important to remember that the intensity of the tide can vary greatly. Be cautious of high tides, as some areas become inaccessible or dangerous for photography.

Does it require a permit?

Yes, you would need to contact the city of Laguna to obtain a photo permit.

Laguna Niguel Botanical Preserve

The Laguna Niguel Botanical Preserve is a serene sanctuary for both nature lovers and photography enthusiasts. This location offers an abundance of natural beauty for a relaxing experience or beautiful photo shoot.

  • Botanical Diversity: The Laguna Niguel Botanical Preserve is a beautiful sanctuary full of diverse plants, with over 40 acres of carefully curated gardens and natural landscapes. From vibrant blooming flowers to towering trees, the variety of plant life here is a stunning backdrop for photo shoots.

  • Open to the public!

  • Limited Opening Hours: It's important to note that the Laguna Niguel Botanical Preserve operates with specific opening hours. Be sure to plan your visit accordingly for enough time to explore and capture the best photos.

  • Potential Crowds: While the Botanical Preserve provides a calm escape, it is sometimes crowded on weekends or special events. Careful planning can help you find quieter moments and secluded areas for uninterrupted peace and photography.

  • Seasonal Changes: Depending on the time of year, you may encounter varying levels of bloom and foliage density. Keep this in mind when planning your visit, as certain seasons may offer more visually captivating opportunities than others.

Does it require a permit?

No permit is required to explore and photograph the Laguna Niguel Botanical Preserve. Enjoy the peaceful surroundings and be inspired by the beauty of nature at every turn.

Jeffrey Open Space Trail

The Jeffrey Open Space Trail in Southern California is a dream location for capturing the beauty of nature. This picturesque trail has incredible views of nature and is perfect for capturing stunning outdoor shots.

  • Vast and scenic landscapes: The Jeffrey Open Space Trail spans across a wide area, providing plenty of opportunities to capture diverse landscapes. From the hills to vibrant wildflowers, this trail has it all.

  • Great for family photos: This is definitely my go to spot for family photos since it's easily accessible with a large variety of different backdrops. It also stays green all year round!

  • Potentially high foot traffic: Depending on the season and time of day, the trail might attract other visitors, which can make it challenging to capture photographs without others being in your frame.

Does it require a permit?

No, you do not need a permit to explore and capture photos along the Jeffrey Open Space Trail.

LA Arboretum

If you're seeking a tranquil escape with beautiful photo opportunities in Southern California, the LA Arboretum in Arcadia is a must see location.

  • Diverse botanical gardens: The LA Arboretum has over 127 acres of stunning gardens, including a Japanese garden, a tropical rain forest, and a desert landscape. Each area offers a unique backdrop for photography.

  • Architecture and historic structures: This photo spot is not only filled with nature, but it is also a historical site including a beautiful historic adobe house and the stunning Queen Anne Cottage.

  • Variety of wildlife: From colorful peacocks to elegant swans, the LA Arboretum is home to a variety of wildlife. The diverse range of wildlife species gives photographers the opportunity to capture stunning shots of animals in their natural habitat.

  • Entrance fee: Please note that there is an admission fee to enter the LA Arboretum. However, the fee helps maintain the gardens and ensures a pleasant experience for all visitors.

  • Popular destination: As a popular attraction, the LA Arboretum can sometimes experience higher foot traffic, which might require additional patience and consideration when framing your shots.

Does it require a permit?

Yes, you would need to make a reservation online before the session.

Pasadena City Hall

Pasadena City Hall is an architectural masterpiece and is one of Socal's iconic landmarks. This historic site’s stunning architectural details and overall captivating design is a wonderful backdrop for portraits and also great for architectural photography.

  • Stunning architecture: Pasadena’s City Hall building itself is a beautiful example of Mediterranean Revival architecture. The intricate details and grandeur make for amazing pictures.

  • Manicured gardens: The manicured gardens surrounding Pasadena City Hall provide a beautiful setting for portraits and capturing some beautiful greenery.

  • Limited access: While visitors are welcome to explore the exterior of the building and surrounding area, access to the interior may be restricted at times.

  • Potential crowds: Depending on the time of day and local events, Pasadena City Hall can attract visitors, which may require extra patience when trying to capture photos.

Does it require a permit?

No, you do not need a permit to photograph the exterior of Pasadena City Hall. However, if you plan to use professional equipment or require access to specific areas for a shoot, it is advised to contact the necessary authorities in advance.

San Juan Capistrano Mission

The San Juan Capistrano Mission is a stunning historical gem located in Southern California. It offers a variety of opportunities for photographers to capture beautiful images and is a beautiful location to take romantic engagement or wedding photos.

  • Rich History: Dating back to the late 18th century, the San Juan Capistrano Mission holds significant historical value, as it is one of California’s oldest missions. The well-preserved architecture and gorgeous gardens make for a beautiful backdrop.

  • Cultural Significance: This location provides photographers with a chance to capture the essence of Spanish colonial heritage, showcasing the fusion of European and Native American influences. If you're going for an editorial look for your photos, this is the spot to do it!

  • Unique Details: From the iconic bell tower to the intricate artwork found within the mission's interior, there are countless photo-worthy details that will make your images stand out.

  • Crowded at Times: Due to its popularity, the San Juan Capistrano Mission can get quite crowded. This may require some patience when trying to capture the perfect shot without unwanted intrusions.

  • Limited Access: While the exterior of the mission is open to the public, access to certain areas, such as the interior of the chapel, may be restricted or require an additional fee.

Does it require a permit?

Yes, you would need to make a reservation online before the session. If you plan to shoot commercial photography or film inside the mission or use additional lighting equipment, it is advisable to contact the mission's administration to inquire about any necessary permits or restrictions.

Oak Canyon Nature Center

SoCal’s Oak Canyon Nature Center is a peaceful and serene environment for photographers seeking to capture nature’s beauty.

  • Abundant Wildlife: The Oak Canyon Nature Center is home to a wide variety of wildlife, including birds, squirrels, deer, and even an occasional bobcat. It is the perfect location with stunning landscapes to capture breathtaking shots.

  • Seasonal Beauty: Depending on the time of year, the Oak Canyon Nature Center showcases different seasonal flora, from colorful wildflowers in spring to vibrant foliage in the fall. This diversity of nature can add an enchanting element to your photo shoots.

  • Limited Hours: The park has specific operating hours, so be sure to plan your visit accordingly to make sure you have enough time to explore and capture the beauty of Oak Canyon Nature Center.

  • Popular Destination: As a popular spot for activities like hiking and picnicking, the park may attract a significant number of visitors during the weekends and holidays.

Does it require a permit?

No, a permit is not required for personal photography within the Oak Canyon Nature Center. However, if you plan to conduct professional or commercial photography shoots, it is advisable to check with the park administration regarding any permits or restrictions that may apply.

Santiago Oaks Regional Park

Located in east Orange, alongside the Santiago Creek, Santiago Oaks Regional Park is a paradise for nature-lovers and is a wonderful location for a photo shoot.

  • Varied Scenery: Santiago Oaks Regional Park offers a unique blend of beautiful tree species, rolling hills, and scenic trails, providing photographers with a wide range of stunning landscapes to capture.

  • Reflective Stream: This location is iconic for its reflective water stream with man made lily pads! If you want to perfect reflection photo, this is one of my favorite places to do it!

  • Trail System: The park is interconnected with an extensive network of trails, allowing photographers to explore several different areas and discover hidden spots for capturing beautiful photos.

  • Limited Facilities: While Santiago Oaks Regional Park provides basic amenities, it does not have a dedicated visitor center or extensive picnic areas. This may limit your options for breaks or equipment setup.

Does it require a permit?

No permit is required for personal photography at Santiago Oaks Regional Park. However, if you plan to conduct any professional or commercial shoots, it is advisable to contact the park administration in advance to inquire about any necessary permits or guidelines.

Joshua Tree

Another remarkable photo shoot location is Joshua Tree National Park, well known for showcasing some of Southern California’s most stunning natural beauty, its desert scenery and unique Joshua Trees make for a beautiful backdrop.

  • Mesmerizing Desert Landscape: Joshua Tree has breathtaking desert scenery, with its distinctive Joshua Trees, rugged rock formations, and vast open spaces. These natural elements provide a captivating and unique backdrop for any photo shoot.

  • Golden Hour Magic: The park's location in the high desert allows for stunning lighting during golden hour. This magical lighting can help create a warm and romantic ambiance in your photos.

  • Variety of Locations: Joshua Tree offers a diverse range of great photo spots, from iconic locations like Arch Rock and Skull Rock to secluded beauty in lesser-known areas.

  • Popular Tourist Destination: Because of its natural beauty, Joshua Tree attracts a high number of visitors, especially during peak seasons. This can make finding a secluded spot for your photos a bit challenging at times and you may encounter other visitors during your shoot.

  • Harsh Weather Conditions: The desert climate in Joshua Tree can be harsh, with scorching temperatures during summer and extreme cold temperatures during winter. It is important to plan your photo session accordingly to ensure comfort and safety.

  • Limited Facilities: While the park offers basic amenities like restrooms and picnic areas, it is essential to come prepared with water, snacks, and any additional props or clothing changes you may need during your shoot.

Does it require permit?

Technically yes, but realistically no! I haven't personally ever seen anyone enforce permits.

Glamis Sand Dunes

The unique beauty of Glamis Sand Dunes offers endless photo opportunities with its golden sand spanning as far as the eye can see.

  • Unique Desert Landscape: The sandy hills and wind-sculpted patterns of Glamis Sand Dunes make for a breathtaking for any photo.

  • Endless Photo Opportunities: The beautiful stretches of sand dunes offer unlimited possibilities for creative and artistic shots. From playful moments to intimate portraits, the texture and curves of the sand dunes provide a unique setting for capturing stunning moments.

  • Remote and Secluded: Unlike some other popular photo locations, Glamis Sand Dunes offer a more remote and isolated experience.

  • Challenging Terrain: The sandy terrain can be difficult to navigate, especially if you or your photographer are carrying heavy equipment. Plan accordingly and consider having appropriate footwear and equipment that can withstand the sand. The sand dunes can be a physical challenge to climb and descend. Trust me, they're a lot taller in person and you'll definitely be getting a workout walking to each spot.

  • Weather Extremes: The desert environment at Glamis Sand Dunes means you will encounter scorching temperatures during the day and potentially chilly winds in the evenings. Ensure that you and your photographer prepare accordingly to stay comfortable during the shoot.

Does it require permit?

No permit is required to photograph at Glamis Sand Dunes.

The Broad in LA

For those looking for an urban and contemporary setting, The Broad in Los Angeles is a popular choice and a great location for photo shoots.

  • Architectural Marvel: The Broad is well-known for its unique contemporary architecture. Its sleek exterior makes for a visually striking backdrop to your photos.

  • Artistic Appeal: As a contemporary art museum, The Broad holds a vast collection of groundbreaking and visually captivating artwork. Utilizing the vibrant art exhibits as part of your photo shoot can help you achieve engaging and unique photographs.

  • Urban Vibes: Situated in the heart of downtown LA, The Broad offers an urban setting, perfect for people seeking an edgier and city-centric aesthetic.

  • Limited Outdoor Space: While The Broad's exterior architecture provides great photo opportunities, the available outdoor space is relatively small and may limit the variety of shots and poses you can capture in one session.

  • Popular Tourist Spot: The Broad attracts a high volume of visitors, especially on weekends and during its free admission periods.

Does it require permit?

If we're only shooting outside and not inside, no permit is required.

Walt Disney Concert Hall

Lastly, the Walt Disney Concert Hall offers a blend of architectural beauty and cultural significance, creating an elegant atmosphere for your photos.

  • Stunning Architecture: Designed by the renowned architect Frank Gehry, the Walt Disney Concert Hall features an exceptional design characterized by its sweeping curves and reflective surfaces. The elegance and grandeur of this architectural masterpiece makes for a magnificent photo shoot backdrop.

  • Urban Sophistication: Located in downtown LA, the Walt Disney Concert Hall offers an urban setting with a touch of sophistication. Its surroundings and architectural elements provide a polished ambiance, perfect for capturing an elegant and sophisticated aesthetic.

  • Abundant Natural Light: The concert hall's exterior design incorporates reflective surfaces that play with light, ensuring that your photos are bathed in soft and flattering natural light.

  • Limited Availability: As an iconic cultural landmark, the Walt Disney Concert Hall attracts visitors and events regularly. While photo sessions are possible, scheduling availability might be limited, so it's essential to plan well in advance and coordinate with the appropriate authorities.

  • Crowded During Events: The concert hall hosts various performances and events, which may lead to increased foot traffic, limiting the areas available for your photo session. To avoid potential crowds, consider scheduling your shoot during non-peak times.

Does it require permit?

If we're only shooting outside and not inside, no permit is required.