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The Harper Nuptials: A Tale of Timeless Love


Where Love Meets Luxury: A Dreamy Wedding at The Harper

Congratulations are in order as we delve into the enchanting world of weddings! This time, we're transported to Costa Mesa, where love blossomed and vows were exchanged at the charming venue of The Harper. Join us as we embark on a journey through a magical evening filled with love, laughter, and pure elegance.

The Details: A Wedding Close-Up

Starting with the details, I embraced the morning light as I lay the wedding details carefully together. Each item full of elegance and personality, from the invitations, the variety of beautiful flowers, to the perfume bottle. These images are like a sneak peek into the wedding day, each object adding to the special narrative of Alvin and Leanna's love story. I love how the vintage charm of the wax seal stamp brings a touch of time-honored tradition, while the fresh blooms offer a sense of life and natural beauty to the scene. This photograph is not just a collection of objects; it’s a reflection of the couple’s personal style and the thoughtful planning that goes into making their wedding celebration. For those who cherish the little details, let this be a reminder that in the world of weddings, there's so much magic in the little things.

Preparing for Perfection: The Getting Ready Moments

As the morning sun began to shine, Alvin and Leanna made their way into their getting ready suites at The Harper. Surrounded by their closest loved ones, they prepared for the day ahead. Alvin, Leanna, and their wedding party were filled with anticipation and excitement! The bride and groom rooms, with their blend of comfort and style, was the perfect start for their journey down the aisle.

The Getting Ready Photos: Bride Edition

The Getting Ready Photos: Groom Edition

Before the Aisle: The First Look & Wedding Party Portraits

In a secluded garden, the groom awaited eagerly to see his bride for the first time on their wedding day. The moment Alvin turned around, he was left without words. The sight of Leanna, radiant and smiling in her stunning dress, had him completely speechless and in awe. It was a moment filled with emotion, and you could see the love in his eyes. He just stood there, smiling, as they shared a quiet, meaningful exchange that needed no words, just the love and company of one another. After this intimate moment, the lovely couple was joined by their best friends for the ultimate wedding party photoshoot.

The First Look Photos: Love at First Sight

The Wedding Party Photos: Squad Goals

The Wedding Ceremony: Courtyard "I Do's"

In The Harper’s gorgeous private courtyard, under the soft glow of the California sun, Alvin and Leanna were gathered with their closest friends and family to say their special "I do's". It was a beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony! They exchanged emotional vows and shared wholesome laughs. And of course, we had to get that last dip and kiss in the aisle as they exited for the first time as husband and wife. The venue’s industrial chic look mixed with the natural beauty of the outdoors made for a unique setting. Plus, look how gorgeous the floral designs are, they blend so naturally with the lush greenery. It always amazes me how incredible florals can add so much elegance to a wedding. Shout out to Flowers Everafter! (IG: @flowers.everafter)

The Wedding Reception: A Harper Happily Ever After

As evening approached, The Harper set the stage for a wedding reception that was both modern and timeless. These images capture the essence of the venue’s charm, with wooden tables dressed in pristine white linens. The floral centerpieces, a delicate mix of white and blush, add a touch of softness to the industrial chic of the black chairs and contemporary chandeliers. I am so in love with contrast of this space, it's where elegance meets simplicity, making for an inviting atmosphere, perfect for any celebration. As the photographer, I had a blast capturing the mood and details of such a beautiful setting. Alvin and Leanna also enjoyed an intimate preview of the reception space before having an unforgettable night with their special guests. From energetic grand entrances, to romantic first dances, heartfelt toasts, an epic lion dance performance, super fun table greeting moments, cake cutting, to endless laughs and smiles. This wedding reception was full of great times, it was such an honor to be part of such a special wedding!

The Reception Decor: Beauty in Contrast

The Grand Entrance: Newly Weds Dance + Speeches

A Moment for the Culture: Lion Dance & Table Greetings

More Reception Fun: Cake Cutting & Games