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Tips Before Your Engagement Session

Updated: Feb 8

An engagement session is a beautiful way to capture a couple's love and journey to marriage. It is also a great way for a couple to celebrate their engagement together. As a professional photographer, I have done many engagement sessions and I have gathered some tips that are essential to know before your photo shoot.

1. Location

Selecting a location that has significance in your journey together will have more meaning behind the photo shoot. But of course, it does not have to be. Another tip about location is recognizing the time of day and what season it is. This can all factor into how the lighting is going to be during your photo shoot.

  • A meaningful location will make it more memorable and special

  • Time of day and season will affect the lighting and vibe of the shoot

2. What to Wear

Since it is your engagement photo shoot, you want to look your best! Something to keep in mind is wearing clothes that will complement each other's outfits without matching too much. This can done by coordinating with a certain color theme you both want, while also looking good with the location. Make sure to iron or steam clothes before the session so they will look the best in photos. The main thing is to wear clothes you feel the most confident and comfortable in.

  • Wear comfortable clothes you feel good in

  • Clothes that complement each other will help tie the shoot together

  • Having ironed or steamed clothes will just make your outfits look better in photos

  • If you’re wearing heels, bring flip-flops or flats to change into so you don’t get blisters

3. Getting Dolled up

Looking your best means feeling your best. You would want to consider getting your hair and make-up done for the shoot by a professional artist. It can also act as a test run before your big day. Just to know how you like your hair or make-up done. This will enhance your photo shoot session to make sure you are feeling the most confident.

  • Professional hair and make-up artists will lessen the pressure on making your own make-up and hair look good since they are experts

  • Can be a way to test out what you like and don't like for your big day

4. Find Inspiration Photos

There are times when you may not know how to pose or have many ideas. This is where looking at pictures for inspiration and posing ideas beforehand can help with it being less awkward or stressful. I will be there to guide and give ideas. Just having some idea of which poses you like and practicing will make it look natural and will make sure you get the type of photos you want.

  • Searching for inspiration poses for the shoot will give you an idea of what you want before the shoot

  • Can make the shoot more enjoyable so you are not stressing too much about what to do

5. Extra Necessities to Bring

It may be a hectic day so you may forget things you won't even think of. Bring extra make-up for touch-ups, bobby pins and clips for your hair, gel or hair spray, oil blotting sheets, and sunscreen if you don't want to get sunburnt! Other things would be a jacket, blanket, water, and maybe a second outfit. Lastly, any props you would want in the photos.

  • Make-up touch-up items including oil blotting sheets and powder to get rid of extra shine, lipgloss or lipstick to reapply, and maybe Q-tips for running mascara

  • For hair care bring bobby pins if it gets windy or for any flyaways, a hair brush if it gets all tangled from the wind, and some hair spray or hair product to keep hair in place

  • An extra pair of shoes, flip flops, or flats to change out of heels or dress shoes to avoid blisters

  • Keeping the weather in mind a jacket would be great for after the shoot if it gets chilly, bringing an extra change of clothes to wear after to be more comfortable, and on hot days bring sunscreen to reapply and avoid sunburns

  • Some couples also love to bring props to the shoots; these can include a bottle of champagne to pop for a photo, an instrument to play, or even a furry friend, anything that you think is meaningful to your relationship.

6. Have fun!

The last tip I have is to have fun during the shoot. Most people are stressed about getting the best photos, but this session should be a celebration of your engagement as a couple. You both should try to relax, be present, and enjoy the moments together because that's what makes the best memories and photos.


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