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Why You Should Update Your Business Portrait


This is your reminder to get your business portraits taken & to always try new things!

Every few years or so, I try to update my business portraits for a number of reasons. I am the type of person who loves being behind the camera, but dreads being in front of it. This time, I decided to go all out for my new headshots because I thought to myself "Why not?!" So, I rented out a studio for a few hours, suited up, and had a blast experimenting with new lighting techniques. A big special thank you to my extremely talented and great friend, Kene, for helping me make my visions a reality. I am so happy with how crazy these portraits came out!

As a photographer, I love staying inspired with learning new techniques and stepping outside of my comfort zone. I am so used to being outside and shooting in beautiful natural light, but I wanted to try something different for these photos -- and I am so glad that I did. I hope you like these portraits and I hope I can help inspire you to take some of your own.

Now, It's Your Turn!

Here's Why You Should Keep Your Headshot Up To Date

I hope my new portraits inspire you to get your new headshots taken! Keeping your business headshot up to date is a simple, yet important way to invest in your professional brand. Great professional portraits can seriously be a game-changer for standing out in today's competitive market. Think of your headshot as one of the first impressions of your business. New headshots also show that you are dedicated to your career and can be a great way to help show off your unique personality. I personally really enjoy how portraits showcase your growth over time. It's so crazy for me to see the improvement and change in my professional headshots from the past years! If you're still not convinced you need new business portraits, then read the article below!

Top 10 Reasons to update your Headshot or Professional Portrait

photoshoot set uo for business headshot portrait for Alvis Pham Photography, Orange County California Wedding Photographer

Thank You for Reading!

Thanks for reading! Photography is much more than simply taking photos. It is an art form. Photos should make you feel something, whether that feeling is nostalgia, love, or happiness. I am constantly searching for the "perfect" photo, even though it does not exist. That constant search for perfection is what drives me to become better with every session.

View my galleries below to see my journey towards perfection.


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